Donation to The Café Femenino Foundation


Better with a Cup of Coffee has adopted a grant that supports the women coffee farmers in the country of Peru – Lambayeque-District of Kanari
Community of Hierba Buena

Grant Name: Wet Mill Infrustructure Improvement

Grant Description: In past years the coffee producers in this area have been hit by coffee rust, but they are making extraordinary efforts to renovate their coffee farms in order to maintain the income to support their families need to substantially improve the quality of their coffee and balance their income by achieving a better market price. To do this, they need to improve their wet mill beneficio infrastructure. They have a good quality coffee plants due to the quality of the soils and the microclimates that exist in the region. Unfortunately, the quality decreases every step of the way during the harvesting process due to not having the wet mill infrastructure needed to process the coffee crop properly. This project seeks to support coffee producers with the implementation of the wet mill beneficio infrastructure consisting of two ceramic lined fermentation tanks and seven cement drying patios and solar dryers.

Results will be measure by recording the quality of the coffee delivered by the producers; the quality of the coffee in the cup; prices obtained for the coffee; participation in coffee quality competitions and the income received from the sale of their coffee.

The Café Femenino Foundation, named in honor of 464 courageous Peruvian women who made a decision to try to improve their own lives though their work in coffee production, was formed in December 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to provide grants to programs and projects that enhance the lives of women and their families in coffee-producing communities around the world.

The Café Femenino Foundation work through well established, in-country farming cooperatives to foster positive change, gender equality and to reduce poverty and abuse. The grant requests we fund are generated directly by the women living and working in the coffee producing villages.

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