In 2016, after living on the West Coast for 13 years, I moved back to my hometown of Greensboro, NC, and started having morning coffee with my father. Often, we told stories about my late mother and other family members. We laughed a lot, and I'll always treasure those warm and peaceful hours with him.

Our talks made me realize how much I, and I think many of us, connect emotionally satisfying moments to coffee. Whether we're sharing memories with a loved one in the kitchen, watching the sun rise through the pines on a camping trip, studying the pink and purple sky at the end of a perfect beach day, or savoring the first bite of a new peach cobbler recipe, it seems that everything is truly better with a cup of coffee to sharpen our senses and imprint the moment in our minds. I wanted to create items to capture that feeling, and t-shirts seemed like the best vehicle. Growing up, I was always wearing tees, whether I was hiking or playing competitive tennis, something I did for 30 years. I know how t-shirts should look and feel on the body. I also understand that everyone has a unique way of expressing themselves, and that's why I insisted on lots of color and design options.

I hope this site gives you the tools to say how much you love life and good coffee. Let me hear from you!